Soft-texture Reinforced Material
  Double Wall Fabric
  Tent Material
  Architectural Membrane
  Waterproof Membrane
  TPU Material
  Airtight Material
  Cover Tarpaulin
  Global Elastic Floor
  Double Membrane-gas
     Storage Material
  The red Mud Biogas
  Curtain Material
  Advertising Printing
  Inflatable Material
  Wader Material
  Sports Material
  Red-mud Soft Biogas Tank
Outdoor Leisure
  Large Scale Inflatable Toy
  Water Sports Products
  Waterproof and Protective
The inflatables are well accepted by the customers, because of its fast installation, saving labor cost, easy storage, reusable, environment friendly and excellent cost performance. We design various inflatable toys with excellent quality, high performance and much interest, which can bring you lots of fun. Inflatable materials possessing the features of excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength, waterproof, stain resistance, UV-protection, climate resistance and cold resistance and meets environmental protection and flame resistance standard in America and Europe. You can combine the design with the real environment to make sure the finished product with perfect ideal style and color. Also we can provide different designs and styles according to different topics/themes, the advantages of inflatables: safe, amusement, flexibility can be presented perfectly.

Large scale Inflatable Toys are widely used in the theme park, scenic spot and so on, large scale entertainment toys, such as: inflatable bouncing bed, inflatable water slider, inflatable castle; Soft sculpture products as: figures, animals, constructions etc..

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