Soft-texture Reinforced Material
  Double Wall Fabric
  Tent Material
  Architectural Membrane
  Waterproof Membrane
  TPU Material
  Airtight Material
  Cover Tarpaulin
  Global Elastic Floor
  Double Membrane-gas
     Storage Material
  The red Mud Biogas
  Curtain Material
  Advertising Printing
  Inflatable Material
  Wader Material
  Sports Material
  Red-mud Soft Biogas Tank
Outdoor Leisure
  Large Scale Inflatable Toy
  Water Sports Products
  Waterproof and Protective
Global resilient flooring is very popular in the world today as a new kind of light decorative material on the ground, also known as "light floor material, with a fire retardant, antibacterial and mildewproof, pollution prevention, anti impact, tensile, anti electrostatic and super wear resistance. Elastic floor material is beautiful and generous, pavement is simple and convenient, good plasticity and proper matching, compared to ordinary floor tiles, marble floors, wood floors materials with excellent safety performance and advantages of green environmental protection, sound absorption and noise proof performance. In addition, this material has flexibility and elasticity, and has excellent anti slip performance.

In the future, the global elastic floor materials can replace the ceramic tile, marble floors, wood floors; among them, the main application of sports flooring materials is in table tennis, basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, and other sports venues.

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