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Double Membrane-gas Storage Material is covering with integrated gas storage for high pressures and large volumes, to Store various neutral gases such as methane, air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, etc. SIJIA can supply with corresponding base membrane, inner membrane and outer membrane for the special gas storage tank material. Using special coating material to ensure methane is not easy to leak, with function of anti-corrosion, UV protection and anti-microbe; with excellent to resist extremely cold and high temperature, anti-oxidation, weather resistant and durable; have excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength; reach Flame retardant reach German DIN 4102 B1, bear different external pressure such as wind, snow and other climatic conditions.

Double membrane gas storage tank and other equipment to build a complete biogas purification system, can be used in agricultural production, such as greenhouse warming, agricultural products drying, food and fruit preservation, etc. For residential area, biogas power generation to do mechanical power, large and medium-sized biogas project can be used to generate electricity, boilers, processing food, heating, etc..

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